For reservations at some WorldMark resorts you will need to pay additional taxes. A TOT, or Transient Occupancy Tax, which might also be referred to as a Tax On Tourists, is a tax levied by the local government where the resort is located. The tax normally applies to all reservations made at a resort where it is in effect, whether those reservations are made using your credits or paid for in cash. At a few resorts there is a tax that is more like a sales tax and only applies to reservations made with cash.

If a resort that has a TOT that fact is identified the Additional Information listings on the Worldmark Resorts Information pages. Resorts with a TOT are marked with a large T in the WorldMark resort gallery listings on the WorldMark web site and in the WorldMark Credit Values booklet.

The amount of the tax is controlled by the local government it is not normally listed in the resort listings. The WorldMark web site contains a table of the current tax amounts. You need to be logged in to your account on the WorldMark web site to view the table. After logging in, click on the Online Reference Library link on the left hand menu. Then click on the Forms and Information link, and finally, click on the Tax Information link to view the tax rate table.

WorldMark has little or no control of the amount of the tax or the timing of any changes. if you want to verify the tax for a specific resort, call the Vacation Planning Center. They will have the latest up to date tax information.